Stay on the forefront of coding with this certification bundle

As technology advances, staying current on the latest techniques and languages can help you build a better career. The 2022 All-in-One Learn to Code Certification Bundle offers detailed courses looking at everything from app development to Java, helping you stay current and add new skills.

Each of these 15 courses mixes hands-on coding and theory with code-along projects and a practical focus. The instructors, such as front-end engineer Rob Merrill, Python trainer and consultant Ardit Sulce, and Oracle-certified Java programmer Lawrence Decamora, were selected for their field experience and knowledge of the topic.

Each course is made up of concise lectures to fit training into your day, whether you’re coding along during your lunch break or getting some training in when the kids are in bed

The bundle is divided into several paths to pursue, depending on your needs. If you’re pursuing a role with heavy programming requirements, or are looking to better understand the code you’re using, the bundle’s detailed discussions of Python, C++, and Java should be your starting point.

Aspiring web developers can start with a bootcamp where you’ll build 15 projects, before breaking out HTML5 and CSS in one course, and full stack development in another, closing with a full look at  Ruby on Rails and an introduction to Amazon Web Services and SQL.

If you’re turning to mobile app development, there are deep dives into Golang and Swift to compare and contrast development for Android and iOS. If you need to know more about decentralized apps and blockchains, two courses explore developing NFT apps in Solidity and Javascript, with a tutorial on creating distributed apps (DApps) using Ethereum.

Learning new skills, and refining your current ones, both keeps you sharp and helps you move forward in your career. This fifteen-course bundle gives you hours of professional training and practice for certification exams for $44.99, 98% off the $3000 MSRP.